L’Orma is an educational agency that develops and offers sportive / expressive training experience based on non-formal education aimed at stimulating personal and professional growth of children, teenagers and adults. Its local activities include school laboratories, summer camps, trainings and it also participates in various EU projects such as collaborative partnerships, training courses, adult education, Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Program, EVS/ESC, pilot-project sport and strategic partnerships.


Champions Factory is an international non-governmental organization, bringing social change through innovations in education and sports. They focus on the following fields: non-formal education, sport, European projects management, transcontinental projects and mountain biking. It develops, designs, implements and reports EU projects (Erasmus+, European youth foundation, local foundations and programs) for various international partners. It develops and runs Capacity Building Projects (for example women empowerment through sport) with companies from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Champions Factory holds business etiquette events within its Champions Academy.


Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a no profit association created in 1993 by a group of young people of Amarante (actually AMC has 480 members). The main objective is to promote a healthy way of life among the population (especially Youth) and nowadays runs three different sections: Mountain Bikes, Canoeing and Fair Trade.

AMC is always willing to participate in projects that will allow the development of skills/competences of its youth workers and raise awareness about the values and principles we stand for. Since 2009, we are organizing projects in the field of Non-Formal Education (more than 70 approved projects under Youth in Action, Lifelong learning and Erasmus+) using several methods and techniques related to drama, theatre and dance as they are very good tools to enhance social and personal development of young people. We organize EVS, youth exchanges, training courses, local workshops and other initiatives that are connected to entrepreneurship and creativity, youth participation, human rights, sustainable development, fair trade and healthy lifestyles.

After 5 years, AMC starts a new cycle, which also coincides with the launch of the new Erasmus+ and defines a new strategy that is more consistent with the identified needs and expectations/priorities that exist in our environment (local community, partners and international opportunities). Through the activities of Casa da Juventude de Amarante, AMC has been promoting the practice of healthy lifestyles (especially food and sport), raising awareness for sustainable development (support for organic producers in the region and promotion of Fair Trade) and promote Volunteering, Human Rights Education and intercultural dialogue. We will continue to focus on the methodology of Non Formal Education, encouraging the use of experiential methods (learning by doing) and activities that inspire initiative and creativity (such as music or sport, for example). AMC intends to continue to be a sort of “ambassador” of Europe in the local community and the region, functioning both as a resource center and information whether as mobility platform and participation of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities.

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